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Dr. Ronald Yaros

CAREER 3:  Engagement Researcher

2000-2005  Ph.D. researcher of mass communication, cognitive psychology, and

                     information processing, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2005-2008  Assistant Professor, University of Utah, Dept. of Communications

2008-2017  Assistant Professor, Merrill Journalism College, University of Maryland
2017-           Associate Professor, Digital Engagement, Lab, University of Maryland

CAREER 2: Nationally distributed education Projects

1988-2000 President of Yaros Communications, Inc. producer and distributor of 

                    school partnerships for 120 local television newsrooms. Programs
                    included Weatherschool, StudentBody (health), and ViewerNet
                    (remote sensing equipment).

                    Awarded $100,000 National Science Foundation Small Business
                    Innovative Research
(SBIR) grant.

CAREER 1 : Radio/ TV News and Science Reporter, Meteorologist
1970-1975   Student weathercaster, WXOX Radio, Bay City, Michigan
                      (Featured in national
school publication Current Science)

1975-1977   News reporter, WSGW Radio, Saginaw, Michigan

1977-1980   University of Wisconsin-Madison (
meteorology & communication)

                      Capital radio reporter, WISM, Madison, Wisconsin

1980-1982  Chief Meteorologist, WMTV-TV, Madison, Wisconsin

1982-1988  Chief Meteorologist, KTVI-TV, St. Louis, Missouri
                     1982 EMMY for the first known 5-part new series based on

                      the EPA's early report Greenhouse Effect.
                      Master's of Arts in Teaching degree


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